Dmitrovic pins a fan who tried to attack him: If someone attacks me, I will defend myself

The Philips Stadion saw a sorry sight in the final minutes of the match. Marko Dmitrovic, Sevilla goalkeeper, had to physically restrain a PSV fan who jumped onto the pitch to attack him. The Serbian held him down on the pitch until stadium security arrived.

“A fan pushed me from behind. I imagine he was angry about his team’s result, I imagine he was also a bit crazy or drunk. He pushed me and I stopped him until security arrived,” Dmitrovic explained to Sevilla’s official media department.

“I had anger in my body but these things can’t happen and I hope they are punished.

“I’m going to shut up for not saying what I really wanted to say to him. Fortunately, I’m glad I was aware of where he was and that I cut him down, if someone attacks me, I will defend myself,” he added.

It was all just a scare, but it was not the only incident during the match. There were objects thrown and numerous protests. Jorge Sampaoli also condemned the attack on Dmitrovic.

“A fan came in and hit him, I think in the back. There are things I don’t understand, how the referee didn’t take other measures because if that is accepted, anything can happen from now on.”

Dmitrovic was the surprise in the Sevilla XI after the unexpected last-minute absence of Bono due to fever. Defeat and an unpleasant episode for the Serbian. On the positive side, Sevilla will be in the draw for the last 16 on Friday.

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