Manchester United vs Barcelona: Barcelona can’t even succeed in the Europa League

Europe is still too much for Barcelona and even 153 million euros of investment in signings later, the team coached by Xavi Hernandez is still not able to make the grade in international competition, and we are not talking about the Champions League, precisely.

Barcelona were eliminated at Old Trafford, this time, two months -and two rounds- earlier than last season, at the first time of asking.

We already said in the preview that the risk of falling from the Champions League to the Europa League is that you can experience twice in the same season the feeling of failure.

This has happened again to the Catalans and it is inevitable to think how long this will last.

If the summer predictions of the doomsayers come true and the team not only can’t sign, but will have to get rid of players, everything indicates that the journey through the desert is going to be a long one.

Horror story

Old Trafford enters in its own right in the horror gallery of venues where Barcelona have taken a knee in recent seasons.

Rome, Turin, Liverpool… the list has already become too long.

The added problem is that the unpleasantness comes earlier and earlier and in a competition of lesser relevance, the Europa League.

Despite the fact that the Blaugranas started with the lead on the scoreboard, the match never looked good for their interests.

Manchester United got to the ball earlier and better to almost all the 50-50 balls and there was a lack of finesse on the ball.

All the good that Jules Kounde was able to contribute defensively, he ruined it every time he tried to play the ball, as he was a machine for giving away possessions to the opponent.


Although the work of the midfielders in containment was quite good, there was a lack of people with greater precision when it came to playing the ball, after all, Kessie is neither Pedri nor Gavi.

Up top, Raphinha missed the chance to prove with facts that his tantrum in the first leg was right.

It was Thursday, on the Old Trafford turf, where he had to speak.

Nor was Robert Lewandowski up to the task.

In his first season at Barcelona, the Pole leaves European competitions – the two that he has played – without having had a single great night, one of those that make the difference.

His goals against Viktoria Plzen and Inter served the same purpose as last night’s goal – nothing.

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