Man Utd News: Manchester United’s gesture to a Sevilla supporter who was unfairly ejected from Old Trafford

A trip to watch your team at any stadium, be it national or European, can be a bit of a nightmare, as the stands where the visiting fans are housed are heavily guarded and it is rare that someone doesn’t turn up and break the etiquette of good soccer spectators, depending on the country they are visiting.

For one Sevilla fan – Adriana Parejo, the visit to Old Trafford will stay with her forever, for two reasons.

Firstly, she was unable to finish watching the match between Manchester United and Sevilla and secondly because she eventually got a written apology from the English team.

In what was a bizarre situation, among the 700 Sevilla fans who traveled to Old Trafford, in good spirits, some flares were lit.

That’s when United’s private security acted, removing Parejo from the stadium.

However, she was not guilty of anything other than being in a position where a discarded flare fell, and she was forced out of her seat.

Her reaction to this act was one of surprise and anger, and there was no evidence to show she had done anything wrong.

As such, Manchester United has responded with class by sending an apology and an official shirt signed by the players, given this fan had had nothing to do with the events of 13 March, after the security cameras proved Adriana’s innocence.

She was unable to see her Sevilla score a dramatic late equalizer, but at least she has the consolation of knowing that justice has been done

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